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Having been in the work from home business since October 2003 and had my fair share of failure because the dream I was sold turned out to be a living nightmare, I know exactly how it feels.

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CRM Funnel ChartI have been fortunate after all my years online to finally realise that network marketing is not for everybody and it is by no means the best or easiest way to create a residual income.

I joined network marketing under the mistaken belief it would help me create the life I wanted which was to be debt free and financially independent. However, I’ve found it isn’t at all true.

Although in my primary business  (which was lead generation) I found out what really works in getting leads I quickly found out that  these did not automatically or necessarily convert into prospects.

I have shared what worked for me and others and what I used over the years, but a lot has changed since January 2017.

I have discovered that I can create a steady residual income at home just me and my laptop with no need of a team or any of the other factors required to successfully grow a home business.

I’m in control of what I earn and how I earn it and it works nicely for me as it’s helping me create the life I want.

20191028_152105I just completed Simon Coulson’s book Interpreneur and highly recommend it if you are serious about creating a secondary income, replacing your income and time freedom.  I had learnt about Simon at a recent 3 day business event my husband and I attended. I am so impressed with his success and that of several students of his that took action thereby seeing massive results.

So I signed up upon completing his book, which made for extremely interesting reading and suggest if you want to improve your business leads tools, that you so the same. Follow the link in the resources below.

Business Leads Tools – Creating Wealth

To find out what really works in earning a passive residual income you can either go the network marketing route which works for a few people or the route I’ve taken which is profitable for everyone who is ready to understand the process.

Honestly, the success I’ve had here is:

  • Consistent;
  • Measured;
  • Low overhead; and
  • Most importantly can be passed down to my children’s children which was my number one goal in trying to create a residual income in the first place! 😀

What I’ve found in all my years of network marketing is it is possible to succeed online and become a 5, 6 or even 7 figure earner per month and with the right tools. This can be done by building a large following on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites you may already be using without much or any success.  :(

However, if your real goal is financial freedom, to be debt free and Snapchat-1878467045spend more time with your family doing the things you love, then follow me to learn more…

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