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Advertising and management training is relevant to business growth because amongst other things it’s about building brand, building image and interacting with customers. This is the fastest growing area of social media and all savvy businesses are turning to it! Social media is a rapidly expanding industry, with not enough people working in social media management and an ever increasing demand. Learn what business owners looking for a social media manager want, need and fear!

Now we’ll take a look at why and where these business owners look for professionals to help them, and how you can connect with potential clients. We’ll also discover exactly what your first few jobs as a social media manager might be, and what you need to be able to deliver.

Question: What do companies do when they need a specialized type of work done that their own in-house staff is unable to provide?
Answer: They hire a freelancer or sub-contractor. This type of worker helps fill the gap, can often do their work from anywhere, and (since they are not an “employee”) do not require taxes to be recorded and withheld or to be offered benefits such as health care or a 401K. This is very appealing to businesses.
Ÿ Question: Where do business owners find these professionals?
Answer: Multiple online job marketplaces have sprung up across the web. These sites are designed to help connect business owners with freelance workers who provide social media management as well as other services.

In this post you learned what kinds of social media jobs are out there, and where you can connect with clients seeking help with their social media management needs. You also get a tip on how to get started creating your own social image, so prospective customers will have faith and trust in you from day one – click here to get it.

Next we’ll take a look at what you can expect when you decide to really pursue a career as a social media manager, from how to land clients to what you can reasonably expect to make. We’ll also take a sneak peek at the rest of our training program! All kinds of businesses are shifting their focus to online branding. These include companies from every service industry, well known and emerging product lines, educational organizations such as schools and colleges, and even charities. Companies which traditionally depended on word of mouth referrals are turning to the world of social media to increase their reach, while other businesses that used to devote large amounts of their budget to direct mail and print advertising are finding the online medium more cost effective. Click here to learn more.

stock-624712_640 (1)Being a social media manager is a job for someone who enjoys being online and interacting with people. You also have to be a motivated self starter, who can keep to a deadline and deliver on your promises. In the beginning you’ll be depending on one-off jobs from freelance job postings to establish yourself. This can mean taking on multiple projects per week at anywhere from $50-$200 per project.

As your reputation grows, you can charge more etc.

Today we looked at what types of clients are looking for social media managers (virtually all of them), which companies present good examples of a successful social media campaign, and where you might find clients such as these to build a successful social media management practice.

If what you read here appeals to you and why shouldn’t it? Then register today to learn more in depth about social media advertising and marketing for much more detailed training on how you are going to be using our social media job database to find work, more in depth details on the jobs you will be doing, step by step instructions on how to actually complete the jobs, tips and tricks to help take your income to the next level and much more! Just click the banner below:

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