Beware the Free Money Scams

Please read very carefully, as this is a warning taken from my personal experience having tried this very system. I recently watched a video where people were saying “I’m a millionaire and it only took 3 months, looking so happy”. This I found is a lie.

Beware the Free Money Scams

This apparently happened when they signed up for a free money system by Walter Green. The video tells how people have been scammed and how this really upset him. He is quoted as saying: “I get angry when they leave people high and dry with no support” Hello! That’s precisely what was done to me! He claimed to take 6 months off to help new members, I never received an email nor a welcome, how much more any help! The video convincingly shows people who are gleefully telling you how they became millionaires and consequently you can too! More lies.

Beware the Free Money Scams Beware the Free Money Scams Beware the Free Money Scams

The only difference now from when I signed up is it’s no longer $250 required to start, it’s now a minimum of $200 and the TRUTH IS I NEVER SAW THAT MONEY AGAIN NOR DO I HAVE ACCESS TO MY MONEY OR ACCOUNT AS WALTER GREEN STATES IN THE VIDEO – LIES!!! See proof below

Beware the Free Money Scams

Statement june 10, 2015

Beware the Free Money Scams

Can’t login to $16.50 balance


He states you will get a call from a trained Mentor who becomes you new best friend, more like ‘butter you up to feed you to the wolves, I had one call where this ‘Mentor’ tried to ‘brow beat me into investing into some income earnings disclosure payout type trade due to happen. When I refused to add any more money he became hostile! I put the phone down.
You’re told to please provide your real name and number so that you can have contact from the ‘Dream team’. Contact from the ‘dream team’ turned out to be a nightmare as my money was gone! :(

Please note, the ‘software does all the work so no one can be accused of making a bad trade in both scam cases I tried in the month of June 2015.

I started with $250 with the Walter Green system and was left with $16.50 after a few days trading and was informed that I could not withdraw the balance as it was not enough. When I contacted the brokers to withdraw my money I was told I will have to add to my balance as it was too low – as if I hadn’t been taken enough! :(

Walter’s story apparently starts with losing his job and falling behind 5 months on mortgage repayment fearing repossession until his cousin Ray called for some legal advice and revealed this system. A definite play on people’s emotions and vulnerability working here; and it’s likely these are all actors in this major scam to cheat people out of their hard earned income. PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR IT, I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO SUCCEED AND BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MONEY. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ACT.

Beware the Free Money Scams Beware the Free Money Scams

I have collated proof that I have tried it and therefore am not at all exaggerating my experience. Take control of your finances and life here

I have reported this and another one on the ad share sites, but no response yet and I have waited a long while for a response, since  June 2015.

Beware Copy Trade Profits and there brokers OptionsMaker at Alex Harvey, James Williams where amongst the few contacts from this brokerage I had, following listening to a convincing video and registering my details. Surprisingly, they also asked for $250 to turn into huge profits, which you can see never happened! :(

In this particular free money system scam with Walter Green, the broker of choice was MaxOptions and the broker who reached out to me were Ron Silver, Michael Keissar (who seemed really nice and personable) and a Ryan Harris. One thing is for certain not one of them answered my query when things started to turn sour and responded as enthusiastically as they did when they were trying to take my money!

Spread the word beware the free money scams! There is no such thing as a free money system using a software or trade algorithms, just people getting rich off your vulnerability, gullibility and greed.

Still want a safe way to build your income online for free and have control of your money? Follow the link here  😀

For a reliable trading system that works follow this link here

The only ones making money with these systems are the brokers and those on commission selling it to YOU!


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One thought on “Beware the Free Money Scams”

  1. I recently tried the Binary Boom and must confess, I was almost had. I did not get the login details promised to enable me trade using the software. When I sent emails to Binary Boom, I didn’t get replies on time and when I did it was to send me back to their recommended broker Optionstars who called me repeatedly to try and get me to trade! I only got my money back because I went through the dispute department of my bank.

    I had posted in support of Binary Boom erroneously somewhere on a review page and looked for it so I could update and apologise, but couldn’t find it. Binary Boom is a scam don’t fall for it or any other sensational trade software. I am trading financial spreads with a reputable mentor who has the recorded track record to prove it. He will show you all aspects of financial spread betting and provides his trades to his students. If you want a referral contact me for a small fee.

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