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4 Easy Steps to Authority and Credibility…

The missing link for unsuccessful marketers… you’ve been struggling to convert your prospects into people who buy your stuff… or join your opportunity… then there’s a chance that you’remissing something vital…I just ran across a video that shows exactly what that is…Better than that this FREE 46-minute video featuresa guy who gives you ALL of the 4 most criticalfactors that every ultra successful internet marketer uses…He himself has built 5 six-figure businesses usingthis strategy that he says has NEVER failed.After watching this video…I believe him.I finally get it… and  I know that you will too…CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Here’s just a tiny bit of what he covers on this FREE recorded 46-Minute Webinar:

  • One simple tweak to his marketing that =12,460 leads, 1,228 sales, and $191,000+ in the past 2 years alone (and that’s just in one of his businesses…he’s got 4 others)
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  • Why 4 of the top internet marketer’s blogs convert like crazy…and why yours doesn’t (he goes into deep specifics, literally pointing out exactlywhich elements are causing these blogs to pull incash and leads like wild fire)
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Money down the toilet‘…Marketing Your Business

You worked so hard building that 401K and now you’rewatching it slowly disappear as you try and crack the MLM online formula. RISK-FREE, I’ll show you EXACTLY how the top earners play the game. You’ll receive the marketing strategies, the website templates, the autoresponders, the affiliate sales funnel, EVERYTHING, so that you can explode YOUR business, whatever that may be. Stop wasting all those years of hard work…instead, learn how the big boys make $10,000+ per month and live the life that YOU want. Its actually pretty simple once you figure it out:
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Empower Network Contest

Blog Daily Tell Others Make MoneyEmpower Network affiliate system is simple, blog daily, tell others, make money.

If you can do that, then they currently have a contest going up until 19th April 2013.

Here’s The Rules:

1. The contest started accumulating points after midnight EST Tuesday March 11, 2013.

2. No more than 3 ticket sales from a member account can accumulate points.

3. The bonus points can be earned as many times in a day as someone gets 2 new customers, and sells an event ticket, keeping in mind that no more than 3 tickets per member account can be used to generate this bonus.

4. The contest will run from Monday March 11 at midnight (EST) until tuesday night midnight (EST) before the event.

5. Any unethical marketing, breaking of our terms or cheating will result in disqualification and the prize will be given to the next winner in line.

That’s it.

Dave Sharpe co founder of Empower Network said: “The major stepping stones in my business have always happened for me when I won a contest, or placed high enough where I could attend an exclusive event, make some new connections or earn a new respect from other badass marketers because I “became” recognized as a producer.

This is your chance. If you really want to break through this is the way to do it. We consider the people who get into that “vision mastermind” on the Friday evening before the event the future of our leadership.

I want to coach you there. I want to meet you there. I want to expand our vision with you.Blog Daily Tell Others Make Money

Don’t miss this opportunity to leave your past behind you and be considered “leadership” in Empower Network. Those are the titles that hold weight….
…..and allow you to write your own paycheck for years to come. Join here