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The Purpose Of Analysis Is To Come To A Conclusion In Your Business

“If you have been analysing this business, the purpose of analysis is to come to a conclusion” – Tony Rush.

Everyone has stuff going in in their lives which should propel them to make a decision to make money on auto pilot so they can be free to do the important things.
Watch the video and make a decision.

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Automated Viral Blogging System

“How To Get Buckets Of Hands Free Traffic And Explode Your Sales In ANY PROGRAM Faster 

how to get buckets of hands free traffic

Than A Jack Rabbit On Viagra…”

“Use this time tested, paint by numbers system for ANY of your own products, affiliate products, and home based businesses — Then watch your profits skyrocket…”

Dear friend,

Hold tight…

Because you’re about to be given an incredibly rare opportunity.

One that could catapult you into the six-figure bracket very quickly. And the most amazing thing is… you won’t have to bust your butt or sell your soul to make it happen.

But if your mind starts to wander, or you click away by mistake, you face missing out forever – so pay attention to every single word on this page.

Here’s how this works…

Right now, I use a blog system that sucks up cash for me 24 hours a day in ANY program I’m involved with.

No kidding. While everyone else is chasing people around their local grocery store, handing out business cards, and “prospecting” on good ‘ole Facebook…

…I’m at the beach. Or hanging out with my wife. Or walking through the mountains of Costa Rica…

…and the sales keep rolling in. All day long. And all night long.

And like I said, this easy to use system works for ANYTHING I feel like promoting.

“Two homeless dudes walk into a box…”

Yeah yeah yeah, I know… Here’s the sob story about living in a cardboard box and eating rat turds before the Fairy Godmother gave me a check for a billion dollars.

Well it wasn’t quite like that, but this is 100% true…

Hi, I’m Dave Wood, and I’m here with my business partner Dave Sharpe.

Back a few years ago we didn’t know each other, but we were both trying to promote various home based business opportunities… and failing miserably.

My wife and I were living in my van in Hawaii. To make matters worse, I just got fired from Greenpeace, and then, believe it or not, one day a cop woke me up in the middle of the night and gave me a ticket for being homeless, and I paid it with the last few dollars to my name.

Dave Sharpe wasn’t doing very well either. He had just finished battling almost a decade of severe addiction and was couch surfing at his dad’s apartment.

By day he was sweating his butt off in the hot Florida sun on construction sites, and by night he was doing the best he could to build an online business.

But what he was doing wasn’t working out to well…

He was cold calling leads, making an ass of himself on social networks, and was quickly turning into that awkward guy who was always handing out business cards to his friends and family, pitching them on his “new opportunity”.

Anyhow, even though we hadn’t met, we had the same challenges. You could also say we had MAJOR motivation.


We were both busting our butts to make money and get out of our situations. We were taking massive action. We were slowly making progress, at least enough to get the basics like food and shelter.

But we weren’t making the kind of BIG money we wanted because…
“We were doing everything bass ackwards…”

Look, there’s something you have with us in common. I bet you’ve got a great opportunity, story, or expertise to share with the world, but your sales and your ability to reach more people is dismal at best.

Even though in your “opportunity” when you signed up you kept hearing all the “glory stories” from their top people about making a bazillion dollars a month.

You try your best, you do what they say, but nothing.. nada, zilch, zero.


Because you’re using the same worn out methods that don’t work like every other “Me too” wannabe marketer and business owner out there.

And if you’ve attempted to take your business online – you’ve probably gotten stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with all the the technical jargon you need to know and all the set-up you need to do to even get started!

You know, like trying to get nameservers pointed, hosting set up, sites built, FTP, bandwidth issues, learning cPanel, creating MySQL databases, installing themes and plugins… the list goes on.

Plus, even if you get past the technical hurdles…

“There’s a very good chance your company’s sales funnel SUCKS…” Continue to find out why here

The Facebook Queen Reveals All


Access Free Training Webinar To Getting Facebook Fans

I’ve been so close to giving up on making Facebook work as a tool for marketing and making money. But today I watched a FREE recorded training webinar that totally gave me hope…

Access Free Training Webinar To Getting Facebook Fans

It featured a regular person… a doting wife and mother… who basically has learned to slay the Facebook beast. She went from $10 an hour working with disabled children to now six-figures with Facebook and her home business alone.

I watched this thing till the end and learned so much. Just thought my readers here should know about it.



10 TACTICS For Leads That TOP Earners Use…

REAL Usable Tactics for 50+ Leads PER DAY…marketing strategy

Just found something very RARE!

A top income earner is giving up the goods on some of his most POWERFUL TACTICS for prospecting in a totally FREE no-pitch webinar…

He talks about the huge difference between the hustlers (do-ers) of the world, and the hopers. One of the things I really liked about this webinar was that this was a real guy, just telling it like it is.

He’s truly giving up some incredible information here that you cannot get FREE anywhere else. These are his Top 10 Prospecting Tips…and basically they’re all simple for anyone to use, but HOLY COW are they hard-hitting!!…

Like TACTIC #4 which is by far one of the most CLEVER ways I’ve ever heard of for getting at least 15+ leads each day, using an item that you’ve probably got in your desk drawer right now…

I got a ton of value from this, so just wanted to share with everyone who’s with me and wants to start pulling in tons of fresh “right-now” leads every single day of the week…and stop making excuses of why we can’t get leads. I don’t think there are any excuses now darn it :)

Go check out this webinar. I guarantee you’ll come away with at least 5 tactics that you’ll start using. Tactic’s #2 and #4 are PHENOMENAL by the way.


Video Reveals 3 Steps for Internet Success…

Biz Builder MasteryHave you ever wondered why some people find success marketing their home business while others
struggle and struggle along…never getting anywhere!

I’ve wondered that forever… and only recently found out the answer in a HUGE way! I Found This Video Training That You’ve Got to See… It reveals the 3 MUST-HAVE steps for Internet Success…


Here’s the thing…

Most people get one…maybe two of these steps right…but leave out the others!!

The reason…cause most people don’t tell you the truth. It cannot work this way if your goal is to make an actual living with your business. You’ve got to have ALL 3 to get financial freedom. This video shows you how to complete all of the steps super easy, and start earning huge income…

I’ll give you hint of what you’ll see on that video…One of the major steps that you MUST have is a way to earn HIGH commissions, and the simplest way to do just that is to sell your own products…So that YOU keep 100% of the profits!!…Learn more about how to sort of get around this step…while still getting to earn the same amount of money as if you had your own products…


Most people coming online try to become wealthy by selling other people’s products as an affiliate. While that’s a great way to make some descent cashola…the fact is that the faster… surer path…
is to sell your OWN high priced products. However…that’s not all that easy. To do that you’ve got to have those products created.

To do that you’ve got to have some expertise to create them!!

You’ve also got to have huge credibility to your name for those products to sell… On top of that you’ve got to have a solid and proven marketing campaign, plus the sales funnel for selling those products. So… already just at that step of the game…you’re falling behind and catching up is NOT easy!!

However, in the video…they give you a way to earn high commissions with resell rights to selling high priced and already highly sought after products, by the biggest names in the industry!!

HOT PRODUCTS that SELL!! And YOU keep 100% of the profits!!

You’ve got to see how this is possible…and how YOU could be earning these commissions almost


Learn How To Earn $5k In 30 Days!

Top Earner Secrets

I stumbled across this video where 4 of the top
money earners in the home business industry spill
their guts on EXACTLY what they’d do…step-by-step…
if they absolutely HAD to earn $5000 in 30 Days!!…


It’s so cool, because so often you see these types
of things…but the person says how they’d just
email their list, or hit up their JV partners, etc.
All the stuff that you and I just can’t do!…
These 4 marketers were FORCED to come up with
the strategy that they’d use in a pinch…if they lost
ALL of their assets for making money… including a
list, a website, JV partners.
Just drop them in the desert with a laptop and an
internet connection and force them to earn type of

You’ve got to see the strategies that they came up

These are 3 separate highly doable by ANYBODY
starting from scratch plans…laid out step-by-step…
on video…

And the interviewer asks them ALL of the right
questions that YOU would want to ask them. All
the nitty-gritty details are there!

If you’ve got…

* Bills piling up…

* Rent due…

* Mortgage payment breathing down your neck…

* Special event coming like your child’s birthday or

an anniversary…

* Huge debt…

* Or you simply just want to increase your income


Then you’ve got to check out what THESE 4 Master
Marketers would do if they were in your situation!!…

Go check it out…


Actually I just said “if” they were in your situation…
but the truth is that ALL FOUR of these marketers
WERE in your situation…and some maybe even


** One marketer had terminal cancer and was
about to leave his entire family destitute. He HAD
to earn money so he didn’t leave them broke and

** Another marketer…less than a year ago… was
struggling to put groceries on the table for his
family to eat. His strategy now earns him a 5-Figure
monthly income…

** One of the marketers was very close to having

to go back to work and be away from her children.
She had a very short time frame…and HAD to make
it work so she could stay home. SHE created a
6-figure business in just six-month’s time…

** The other marketer was a struggling musician
and was having to gig around and get side jobs just
to hopefully make his rent. He couldn’t even afford
to take the train, or get a pretzel at the train station
at times. He grew his business to 5-figures in 8
months time!!

You see…they WERE each in your situation and they
overcame it the same way you’re going to have to…
Only THEY didn’t have someone giving them the
exact step-by-step strategies!!

Now you do!!

In fact you get the stripped down BARE BONES
versions!! All the meat and potatoes are right there
for YOU…


This Business Has No Competition In Benefits

There is No Competition

It’s just true.  Usually when someone is killing it in a network marketing company they are a superhero, with laser vision that loves doing 3-way calls all day while drinking red bulls.Does that work?  Hell yes it does, it is just a miserable way to live.  We teach people to build a business and have a life, which is what freedom truly is.  The vision here is just greater.I’m not bashing anything else by saying that, I’m just saying that there is nothing like this out there that exists.It isn’t just the compensation plan, which is better than anything else out there……It is the heart and the VISION behind the leadership.Somebody could always try to come along and knock off our products, or our compensation plan, in fact a couple of people have tried.It doesn’t matter.They CAN’T copy our heart.The Empower Network was built because the “Double-D’s” were sick of seeing people fail, and they wanted to create something where more people could have more success than anything that came before in the history of this industry.They were sick of seeing people struggling.They built the company for the people.  You can’t copy that; you can’t copy motivation that comes from the heart.

Follow the link for more: