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It’s time to educate ourselves about currency and money and how we can secure our financial future. The following are videos that will help to give you an overview so that you can make the right decision regarding your financial future. Watch the videos then signup as a customer so you can start buying or you can chose to also promote the knowledge of gold saving and become an affiliate.

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Gold PerformanceThese series of videos reveal your true wealth is your time and freedom and that money is a trading tool that stores the economic energy that is your time and freedom, whereas currencies leak them away. Also, you will learn that gold and silver are the ultimate money, simply because of their properties. Fiat currencies are based solely on confidence, and always return to their intrinsic value of zero.

You will learn that the reason governments don’t like gold is because it imposes restraint. Rising prices are a symptom of an expanding currency supply and gold and silver always account for an expanding currency supply. These videos relate to the global economy and provide you with the education and insight you need to transfer the wealth available to yourself…

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