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Karat cash gold Karat gold coin prd_1518673727_4141334236 prd_1518673893_7033952529 prd_1518673939_3624997980Cryptocurrency backed by gold: Are you aware that whilst you are saving in currency that the banks hold 24 carat gold in their vaults? This is, in case you are unaware, is the pure gold.

How to Protect Your Income

You do this by saving a portion of your income in gold. This is the same gold that prospering governments trade with, also the same gold the wealthy use to protect their legacies. Did you know it was now possible for anyone to acquire 24 carat gold in small affordable weights and convert them back into cash whenever they need to do so?  Additionally, did you know you have an added benefit of making a weekly income as an affiliate? 😀

As gold appreciates in value over time wouldn’t you agree that this a sound way to invest and save? Would you and others you know benefit from converting a portion of your hard earned income into Gold? :)

Also, would you like the added benefit of earning a weekly residual income informing others you know about the benefits of investing and saving in 24 carat gold? 😀

Special discounts of up to 30% are available up until the 1st of August 2018. So, don’t delay start saving today. Remember, if you work you really should be paying yourself first before any other expenses and it’s so affordable too!

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