How To Get Paid To Prospect

How to Get Paid To ProspectDid you know on average, most people will probably end up spending $5 to $20 per lead that they produce themselves with advertisements or that you buy from a lead company?

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On the low end, that comes to $500 spent per 100 leads.

2 or 3 out of those 100 people MIGHT buy your products or become a distributor.

That means that you’re only tapping into 2 or 3% of your potential income!

That should be a massive epiphany for many of your right now.

When you join a business opportunity your hope is that you start making money as you show your opportunity to people. However, the reality is some will join you, some will not and in the meantime you’re spending a lot more than you are making to keep up your membership and or keep your ‘business’ going. The fact is, this is the experience of 97% of home business owners!

If this has been your experience, I know exactly how you feel as I’ve been through it also. However, in this short guide you will discover an easy way to get paid to prospect which will provide you with the cash flow you need to stay in business and meet your other expenses. Clink on the link or button below to learn how.

Learn a simple way to change that in the manual How To Get Paid To Prospect

The fact is owning a business opportunity can be expensive and will require you investing time and money which you may not be able to afford for the most part. Also, in the mean time you have bills, expenses and family commitments which all require your time and money. What will you do when you run out of ways to meet your business expenses? The majority give up or fail before they even had a chance at success. However, the solution is very simple and one many top marketers use and you’d be pleasantly surprised how applying this to your marketing can eliminate all your financial worries. Purchase your copy below then ask me how you may have access to your FREE copy of ‘How to Retain 90% of your Team’:

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