Building A Work From Home Team

Have you ever been told as a business that you need to make a list of friends and family to speak to? Do you hear it often said that recruiting or prospecting is a numbers game? It’s true.

I know I have in the various business opportunities I joined; and I, like you cringed every time because I knew my family and friends, and didn’t want to spoil our relationship by becoming the ‘Pushy sales woman!’ Besides, common sense dictates that you follow the law of economics demand and supply. They haven’t demanded, so why am I supplying or attempting to supply them with something they clearly don’t want or need you should ask yourself, I know I started to question – rebel that I am! 😀

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I needed to learn how to prospect in the right way, that is reaching the people who are looking for what I have on offer…

It’s simple really, prospecting friends and family is like trying to sell cigarettes to a non smoker, clearly a futile task. However, I’m here to show yo a better way… :)

If you really want to build your home base business with the right team then it starts with the right way to market and then doing so to the right audience, so Get Started Here

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