You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement

It’s never too late to start planning for retirement, You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement is a survival guide for your golden years, and a lifeline for those entering the Retirement Crisis unprepared. Roughly 45 percent of Americans have zero dollars saved for retirement but the average retiree will spend $154,000 in out-of-pocket health care costs alone. We need to figure out how to generate more income, even in retirement, and spend less. How do we boost our retirement income? Please note (the information here applies to everyone entering retirement who are unprepared, American or not).

Saving and Investing

Is investing the way to go? How much do we need, anyway? This book does more than just answer the important questions it gives you real-world tips to help you reach your financial goals.

Yes, it is possible to increase your income in or as you approach retirement. These guidelines will help you optimize your assets and put away more money for the years you’ll need it most.

Uber driverPlanning for retirement does not mean holding off on fun today; there are many ways the average American can reduce everyday costs of living without living like a pauper. This book will help you take stock of what you have and what you’ll need, and show you how to bridge the gap.

Maximize your savings while minimizing the lifestyle impact Unique ways for generating a meaningful amount of income, that don’t require you to get a job Learn just how much you’ll need for a comfortable retirement Adopt new everyday strategies that will help you bolster your funds Add new income streams, optimize your portfolio, and learn to spend less without living less these are the key factors in making your golden years truly golden.

You Don’t Have to Drive an Uber in Retirement is an important resource and insightful guide for those hoping to one day leave the workforce in comfort.

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His first book won “Book of the Year” from the Institute for Financial Literacy.

And his new book claimed Amazon’s #1 spot for “Retirement Planning” even before its official launch date!

Carol Massar of Bloomberg Radio said her coworkers were literally “trying to steal” the book off her desk.

Everybody wanted the book!” she just said live on the air.

Already, thousands have paid to discover the income secrets contained within.

Should you choose to get one in your hands…

Here’s a brief sample of some of the income secrets you’ll discover inside…

  • Page 43 – The simple trick to collect an extra “FULL-YEAR SALARY” from Social Security:A Harvard study proves this method can yield to “up to $400,000” in some cases!
  • Page 23 – How you can “be the bank” and make up to 31.53% interest annually: Forget 1% savings accounts or 2% CDs. America’s #1 Retirement Expert is personally using this technique to bring in 30 different income streams and is collecting up to 31.53% on them.
  • Page 61 – The amazing way to pocket up to a $100K, TAX-FREE, from the 401(k) you’ve never heard of.

This is portfolio-transforming stuff.

Simply put… you won’t find income secrets this POWERFUL anywhere else.

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