Welcome to Business Leads Tools a resource website for network marketers who are struggling in their home business. I was first introduced to network marketing in the early 2000’s and the common theme was training and signing up friends and family. The training mainly was fine because the focus was  on personal development and growth, but having to sign up friends and family was challenging and I hated It!

The aim of this website is to spare affiliate and network marketers who are struggling to get leads and customers years of frustration, waste of time, money and stress by showing you what is working now in the world of digital marketing.

If you haven’t done so, please watch the video above.

Having the Right Business Tools

What has worked for me (and this has been advised by a few successful leaders who practice what they preach) is the following:

  1. Have an online presence – this is where your customers can find you;
  2. Advertise to your target audience.

This entails you learning what it takes to build your business and this is where I spent years going around the issue.

If you want to have a chance at success, you need to learn how to market to potential customers and this will cost you in money and time  – obviously work within your budget.

Believe it or not there are resources for network and affiliate marketers both online and off that can help you build your business and sometimes they are not within the company you signed up with! I know as I signed up with a few whose only training was on ways to do 3 way calls and make lists of 20 close friends and family.

Join An Online Community

However, there is another way I eventually found out about and it is digital marketing otherwise known as social media marketing. Previously, I was led to believe this was available online within the business I signed up with, however there is a growing community of affiliates and network marketers who learn together in a community. You generally have to pay for training and then you have access to tools and resources to help you grow your business.  So, if you decide you want to stop muddling along, then proceed to join this online community of fellow business owners like yourself. To get started on running a successful home business click on the banner below:

Disclaimer: Please note that the income/ money ideas I present on this web page are for information and to educate you on what is possible. Success does take time and must involve your commitment and continued effort. Always remember that as with most things, efforts to earn an extra income involves some risk. Everything doesn’t work for everyone and success in a particular area is not guaranteed – when taking into account various factors. 

Links that lead you to products or services are affiliate links and I will be compensated for the referral by the company.  However, I do use the products and do not promote those products or services that I have not verified. This is an ethical way for you also to earn an extra income if you are interested.