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Price of Education

You might have heard it said, “If you think education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.”

It is my understanding that the authorship of the quote has been attributed to Derek Bok who was once the President of Harvard University and also to Ann Landers who was a popular syndicated advice columnist. However, it has also been attributed to the likes of Char Meyers, Robert Orben, John Lubbock, P. B. de La Bruère, Rev. S. C. Morris, Charles Duncan Mclver, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, Anonymous. You may have heard it ascribed to someone completely different, however, the point is, ignorance can be very costly.

Get the Balance Right

When it comes to advancing ourselves and or improving our career prospects, it pays to be in the know. Don’t settle for less or continue in the pointless exercise that your hard work alone will be rewarded. Quite often, it the smart worker who is rewarded.

That said, you can learn in demand skills or build upon the ones you have to help advance your career and greatly improve you career or job prospects.

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