Generate Extra Income In 2020

In the event of a recession, what would your finances be like, what will you be able to do to recover?

Owning a business is brilliant, but as I said in the previous post where I mentioned the cashflow quadrant and showed an image, if you are not on the right side you might never recover. See the post here: Continue reading “Generate Extra Income In 2020”

Drive Traffic to My Website

Nowadays loads of people use Google as a main source of key word search, searching from information for homework, to shopping to business marketing. I know I do. What do you use Google search for?

For businesses especially, it is important that you rank highly when people are searching for products and services you provide. However, for this to happen you first have to rank highly for the keywords people are searching for and then create valuable content out of it, just like this post. Continue reading “Drive Traffic to My Website”