Crypto Trading Bot

When I posted about this on my Financial Spread Trading page I got a few comments about some people suspecting that this is a scam. After my initial dismay, I decided to take the time to ease any suspicions by providing as much transparency as I can and in so doing answering any secret questions.

I say secret questions because I also pondered if it was a scam when I was initially introduced whilst secretly hoping that this time it wasn’t. Also having been scammed out of my hard-earned money a number of times, I really do understand these comments (although one commenter was rude and there really is no need for that, especially if and when it turns out that this isn’t a scam).

Below, I will proceed to clarify some points and state some facts.

Crypto Trading Bot

What I have discovered since registering and funding my account is although this trading bot currently trades forex, it does have the potential to trade crypto too. The bot will search the market for the best opportunity to trade and take it.

So far as a UK based trader using this bot, I find myself in profit each money and each day the profit is higher than the previous day. Your profits will depend on your original investment.

As I’m keen to practice what I preach I started with  £200.54 (never ever trade with more than you are prepared to lose) and lucky me when converted to dollars which is the currency used to fund my account it works out a lot cheaper!

Also, being in the UK the banks turned down the transaction repeatedly even though I verified it was me. So, again fortunately for me, I had an online bank account which was ideal for the transaction.

Setting up and funding my account 

To set up my account I had to do the following:-

  • Have a referrer’s link in this case my sister (learn more about her below);
  • Click on the link to register for my personal account;
  • Submit 2 forms of ID to get my account approved;
  • Under the ‘Dashboard button’ subscribe to the ‘Genius Bot’ and fund your account simultaneously – the Genius Bot gets the best results and that’s the one I subscribed to.
  • However, before you can fund your account you will need to purchase bitcoins (BTC) to make your purchase. I did this via my Trust Wallet (T.W.) account which I downloaded to my smartphone via Google Playstore. This T.W. will require you also authenticate your account. I already had this set up for one system that didn’t work for me and another system where I am still awaiting the return of my funds hopefully.
  • IPC support will send you an email to confirm your successful account approval and login details.  However, in my case they neglected to send me a link  – thank God my sister was on hand to send me one.

The great thing with the T.W. and IPC accounts is they help you protect your funds so that only you can get to them. So, it is very important you authenticate your account and never share your wallet details with anyone. IPC also encourage the Google two-step authentication, which I have done. As you can see security is taken very seriously and you are warned to ensure you do not click on any link sent from anyone (once you have registered). They also provide warnings of various scams people are employing to get to your account and mine every time you log in. It makes for insightful reading, please read every time.

Verifying the IPC Forex Trading Bot

IPC complies with ASIC:
About ASIC: The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is an independent commission of the Australian Government tasked as the national corporate regulator. ASIC’s role is to regulate company and financial services and enforce laws to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors.[2] ASIC was established on 1 July 1998 following recommendations from the Wallis Inquiry. ASIC’s authority and scope are determined by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001. It reports to the Treasury.
• Click link above 👆🏽
• Set drop-down to organization & business name
• Enter the name Intelligence Prime Capital & press go (see picture above)
• Choose the one with Brunswick address just like the certificate above
• Or call +61 3 5177 5407
✅ Registration Confirmed
✅ Fully Regulated & Compliant
✅ Before getting certified, Asic runs a thorough audit of IPC’s whole project
✅ Full Audits every 16 months

Full disclosure: I have only just traded for a few days now only having just registered and funded my account at the weekend. However, I have made profits consistently since the bot started trading for me. Also, my sister who referred me has been trading for a few months and has happily withdrawn her profits a few times and even recently bought a new sofa from this. Finally, as a registered member, I will benefit from any referral, which means I will be rewarded by IPC for everyone who registers using my link and funds their account.

If I have sufficiently allayed your fears of this system being a scam click the link to register and subscribe below (I’ll be on had to assist everyone who does). If not, please post your questions below and I will answer them as best as I can.

Register and subscribe here:

Zoom meeting ended on 19/02/2022, click to view here: Zoom PowerPoint

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  1. Wao!😀
    I’m blown away. You’ve barely joined IPC not even up to three weeks, yet you could give an amazing review about this lucrative, legit and profitable business of ours.

    I’m indeed overwhelmed at your level of knowledge and findings about IPC business of ours.

    Kudos to you and keep up with the good work my beloved sister, EJ.😎👍

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