How to Generate Online Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of your affiliate or network marketing business. They are the ones that buy your product and services, which help you generate income in your business. The more leads you can generate to buy from you, the more money you will earn in your business.  Like any other affiliate or network marketer, you may be wondering what is the best way is to acquire leads for your business?

This is a good question and one that everyone in this niche has asked themselves at one part in time and the answer is you find them.

How to Generate Online Leads

However, simplistic this answer sounds, it really is that simple. You really do have to find online leads and online is the best place to start in my opinion. I will show you how you can too in this post.

There are a few things I have tried in my time and the 3 that I have found to work are:

  1. Obtaining leads through advertising your product or services.
  2. Or, creating awareness through blog posts and articles.
  3. Alternatively or in addition, paying for a service that caters to providing leads for you.

In the first instance, I use social media to promote my products and services, which has provided me with some sales. This can be costly, but you have to set a budget, stick with it and consistently promote i.e. daily, weekly or monthly. The trick is getting your targeting right. You must know who your audience are.

In the second instance, you create an organic following through your regular blog posts and articles shared on social media. This will require that you write often and share it where it may be found by those looking for what you have to offer.

Finally, you might want to bypass all the previous options and just go for a paid service. The danger here is that you find the wrong one i.e. it is either a scam or it does not cater to your needs. Also, with advertising your potential audience need to feel like they know, like and or trust you and achieving that is an art in itself.

Generate Online Leads

I have been blogging for years and it has not provided me with a steady cash flow yet, which is what the right lead generation will do. As I have mentioned advertising and marketing though crucial and a good way to get leads and ultimately sales, can be tricky. You need to know where your target audience can be found and beat out the competition for them to come to you. I didn’t realise that advertising for instance has to be consistent and even initially thought I’ll do fine not paying for advertising at all!

However, advertising does work, when you know how to do it properly.  The good thing is some services actually provide you with leads for the right price. The bad news before today was finding the right one.

MLM Gateway

Well, I discovered one paid resources called MLM Gateway which is a powerful platform to build your business network in that people sign up looking for business opportunities and some actually reach out to you and a premium account gives you more benefits. They also have this to say about advertising on their platform: “Our website visitors are both experienced independent business owners, including newbies looking for work-from-home opportunities. Advertising on MLM Gateway is an extremely effective way to promote any business opportunity. Thousands visit the site every day, so why not give your business a boost? Recruit more leaders to your team with MLM Gateway advertising.”

Click on the banner below to get started…

I found the price reasonable, starting at $29 a month to purchase lead credits, which I grabbed as they have people here who want to hear from me from different countries.

So, if you want to generate online leads, do start with a budget of $29 and start to build your business. It is also useful to know that they offer an affiliate service, which can gain you even more credits.

To learn more and get started, click here: MLM Gateway

As an active active MLM gateway member, I can offer you tips and support, so post your comment below, provided you have taken action and signed up. This just tells me how committed you are. I also want to hear about your successes, so do post those below also.


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