How You Can Diversify Your Income In 2020

In this post I aim to show you how you can diversify your income in 2020 with cashflow and asset sources that will help you to become rich, debt free and financially independent.

Be sure to listen to the video over and over again to help you reach your goal.

In his book Cashflow Quadrant, Robert Kiyosaki educates his readers about the attitude and mindset that causes some people to be on the left side of the quadrant and others to be on the right side (see below).

How You Can Diversify Your Income In 2020

Cashflow – If you are looking to create cashflow, you can do this by making more money with trading and or affiliate marketing. I recommend these as neither need cost you a lot and have high possibility of success when applied correctly with persistence, training and dedication.

Asset Рwith the money you make above you should exchange some of it for gold affordably. The reason I recommend this is that it appreciates in value over time like other assets mentioned in the video and is a hedge against inflation.  When you exchange your fiat currency for some gold you help to secure your financial future.

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