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Being an affiliate marketer and network marketer requires you having tools and resources outside of what your company provides in order to get automated sales.

Most network marketing and affiliate programs don’t give you the right or adequate training and network marketing requires you to make a list and promote to friends and family as well!

Why Many Fail

However, it’s not about the list. Although it may work for a few top sellers and leaders, it’s not for everyone.

The failure is in not understanding about what a niche is and how to target marketing to those looking for what it is you have to offer.  Although everyone claims to want a better life, more time and freedom, not many have the right mindset to achieve or go after it.

Network and affiliate marketing has come a long way from hounding family, friends, neighbours and strangers and the 3 way call.

You Need A Website

This is not the company one that you have no control over, it’s one you pay for yourself and have full control over. It’s from here you create your own material i.e blogposts and videos to promote yourself, product or service then send customers to.

Owning a website is the very foundation of your business success as it gives you credibility in the eyes of your customers and prospective customers.

Recommended Affiliate Program

This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliates  (WA). It provides learning, tools and resources for affiliates to succeed in their home business with a vibrant community providing support.

WA runs promotions throughout the year and update their affiliate program regularly. They want to keep you informed of any timely offers that you can take advantage of. They will also be able to connect with you to offer specialized training, promotional materials, motivation, and new advancements to the Bootcamp course.

Join This Affiliate Program

Online Bootcamp Course 

This is a necessity if you want to become a top affiliate.  Having teamed with WA myself as an affiliate, I want you to take a second right now and officially join Affiliate Bootcamp by clicking the button above, below or to the right. It is going to help you keep on track, keep you informed, and is going to allow us help you make more money!

This is a requirement to continue with this course…and something that is going to help you out as well!

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