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If you are looking for a long-term investment strategy or are seeking to improve your personal pension, I believe I’ve found the right fit for you. I’m part of a group of private traders, who are successfully trading and the benefit is the sharing of investment and or trading strategies not generally available i.e. through a Google search.

Well, one of the reasons I registered with them was the information they had about prop firm trading. To learn more about who they are and my experience trading with them please read my blog post and watch the enclosed video, see the Resources below.

One such piece of information is in this article that was taken from our private member’s group on Facebook written by Adam Wenig. Do read on…

Prop FirmTrading

Should YOU trade with a Prop Firm? Here are the pros and cons…

These last few months we got hundreds of traders funded by prop firms. But trading with prop firm money is not for everyone. Let’s talk about the pros & cons so you can decide if this is for you…

In case you missed it, regular traders can get funded $100k by prop firms. All you gotta do is pass their challenge by trading profitably on their dummy accounts.

Trading with prop firms gives you obvious benefits:

  • You don’t have to save for years to get hold of $100k to trade with.
  • You’re trading at no risk of losing your own capital.
  • You still keep a sizeable chunk of the trade profits (often 80%+).
  • You can stack up multiple $100k funded accounts.
  • You can still trade following your own strategy, you’re free to use signals, trade bots, or whatever fits your style
    And more…

No wonder hundreds are asking for our help to pass prop firm challenges.
But there are also a few drawbacks worth considering. I also want to inform you of these risks…

When you consider trading with a prop firm, also consider:

  1. You must first pass their challenge before they fund you and it costs money upfront (typically $500).
  2. These challenges normally have a pass rate as low as 6% (so only 6 out of every 100 traders who try will pass and get funded).
  3. After you pass, you still have to stay within certain trading benchmarks (determined by the prop firm).
  4. The prop firm’s rules may change at any time. They can demand higher performance from you or they can even close your account.
  5. In some rare cases, they might even decide not to pay out your withdrawal.

So the question is…
Are these risks acceptable to you?
At Blue Edge, we believe that all things considered, Prop Firms still give traders an opportunity of a lifetime. There are a few legal ways I know to get your hands on $100k worth of trading capital in a matter of weeks.

And while we can’t get rid of all the drawbacks of trading with prop firm cash…
We’re doing our best to make this decision even easier on you:

Not only are we giving you our best tools and resources to 10X the average challenge pass rate… and get 60 out of 100 traders funded VS the average 6…
We also GUARANTEE to get you funded.

So by the end of our engagement, you’re either getting a $100k funded account from a prop firm… or you get your money back for our service AND we also cover all your challenge fees.

But first, I want to hear from you…
What do you think? Get in touch by registering for an account here: A Review of Blue Edge Financial 

Is a $100k funded account worth it? Or would you rather just trade your own money by your own rules? Let me know.

If this interests you, please click on the link to be *registered here:  Get Started 


Read my blog post – A Review of Blue Edge Financial here: https://eruvwuobuaya.com/a-review-of-blue-edge-financial/

*Please note that registration entitles you to gain access to the Blue Edge Financial trading software and the trading academy. Registration for the prop firm trading is offered as an upgrade service available to members only. 

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