Making Money From A Website You Own

You might have heard it before but, you can actually start making money from a website you own.

I know I’ve heard it said before in the past but I never really had details on how to go about it, however, in this blog post I will show you how.

Attract Traffic

It’s important to note that your website needs to be informative and or instructional to keep interested parties i.e. Traffic, on your page. People are searching for information and solutions, so provide it on your page.

Have A Website Theme

Also don’t be all over the place with your information if you’re a website like mine for example, that targets affiliates and network marketers, stick with targeting affiliates and network marketers only.


Making Money From A Website You Own

In providing useful information to your website visitors you want to make money whether or not they buy from you directly. An associate of mine, for example, monetises his websites amongst other things by pasting Amazon links within his pages. He shares how he makes 5 figures monthly here:  Ways To Make Money From A Website 

I, on the other hand, I have banners as you can see on the right-hand side on of my blog post.

I would also paste relevant affiliate links within the content of my blog post.

Have A Website You Own

It goes without saying that In order to start making money from a website you own, you need to own a website.  I mean one like this one that you control, not a company based one. Do you?

If not, have no fear I provided a link in the banner below and also within the content below for you to get yourself sorted with a website today.

Get Your Own Website 

I recommend my web host providers because they provide you with all the training and help you would need to own a successful website and all included within a low monthly or yearly price, your choice. They also offer you a 7-day free trial which is handy.

Go here: Website Offer

How do you go about making money from a website you own? Do share below.

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