Network Marketing Training


The biggest mistake any network marketer can make is to invite people to a network marketing opportunity and offer them no support or coaching or worst still, disappear on them. The sign of a good upline (someone who you sign up under, for those who don’t know) is one who offers their downline (a person who signs up under a network marketer) network marketing training.

Network Marketing Training

Network marketing is not just about inviting people to an opportunity that you are part of so that you can gain commissions from them signing up under you, it’s about you educating yourself and them on the product that you have purchased.

It’s about showing them how to succeed.

It’s also about personal development and knowing their reason why they have joined and what they plan to achieve.

it’s about showing them a course of action and helping them implement it. This all boils down to you developing a good relationship with your team.

I recently read a story about a network marketer called Brig Hart. I have copied and pasted it below.

The Richest NetworkMarketer In The World

Who is Brig Hart?
This man is often called the richest network marketer in the world. This is no coincidence since he earns over $200,000 US a week from his network marketing business (at the time of writing)!

Brig Hart believes that any team must be built on relationships. Success is achievable only when the leader believes in and helps his followers to reach new results.

“You must educate and support the people that you sponsor”, he says. “That’s when your enthusiasm starts bringing out the same enthusiasm in others. You are the point of contact to the project for your team – people trust you over the project! Don’t view people as a tool to earn money, if your primary motive is to help them, they will reach out to you themselves!

Always keep your momentum, that’s the key to success.

Access Network Marketing Training

I would like to do for you (my reader) what Brig is doing for his team, providing support and building relationships. Growing and building a business on your own can be a lonely business

Do you want to be part of a team where relationships are built or do you have stories of how building a great relationship in your team has created access for your teammates? Do share below.

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