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As an independent distributor and customer of the Organo Gold coffee brand, I use this page to provide coffee news and opportunities for all my customers and distributors. I also aim to provide ongoing support. So, do return for updates and news and follow the link below to ‘Join Now’ as a ‘Distributor Partner’ or as a ‘Retail Customer’.

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We are not just about providing coffee to the countless coffee lovers out there, we provide tea and chocolate drinks too, also infused with the Ganoderma Lucidum herb used for centuries in ancient Chinese remedies. Also, because your overall health is important in your personal, work and business life we help you take care of your health as your most valuable possession money can’t buy.

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About Online Coffee Brand

The online coffee brand sells Organo Gold coffee to individuals and coffee retailers, providing a gourmet range of beverages for the discerning pallet. As a coffee lover myself since I was 7 (my dad introduced me), I can honestly say it is great tasting coffee. Also, having suffered from migraines (please don’t roll your eyes and say, “No wonder,” this is the only coffee I can take without triggering an attack. Browse my online store for a range of beverages, body management, personal care, espresso capsules, skincare, cognitive health & wellness. Shop here

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Support your body’s energy and mental performance the natural way! FENIX CXT™ has a unique blend of nutrients and adaptogenic mushrooms including Ganoderma designed to promote endurance, alertness, and to enhance cognitive performance. Just click the product tab for Body Management😊

Post-Brexit, I am happy to say we are over our initial teething problems since April 19th 2021.  Registered members can call Organo Gold customer service to place an order.  For a full range of products go to my online store, see below:

To ensure you benefit do register for a customer or representative account here: My Coffee Shop

If you have any queries please leave them in the comment box below and I will respond in a timely manner.

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