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If you have ever known the frustration of sending money abroad you might want to read this post. Finding competitive rates can be a bit of a challenge both for you and the recipient.

So I went online today in search of the best online international money transfer services as I lived quite away from the high streets where it could be done. I half expected not to get any trustworthy ones, but I was in for a pleasant surprise as I found a few.

Previous to my discovery I had used Sendwave, which was quick and efficient and using the code available at the time an additional £5 was added to my transfer amount. However, Sendwave was trading ₦497 to the £1 and to me that was far too low compared to the high street rate of ₦602 to the £1.

Today, I decided to do an online search and was pleasantly surprised to find two that were showing ₦502  (from Rewire) and ₦577  (from Azimo) to the £1 which is clearly a far better deal than what I had previously gotten.

As my intention was to get the best deal for my money I went with the higher one from Azimo.

All I had to do was namely:-

  1. Download the app to my phone;
  2. Register for a free account;
  3. Enter my name and address;
  4. Enter the recipient’s details – name and bank details;
  5. Select my form of payment i.e debit or credit card;
  6. Confirm and send the amount.

Then to my pleasant surprise again, I received an email confirming my transaction and an offer to invite others to send money with Azimo for a benefit.

I also did not have to pay a fee for my first transfer and the second will be free also.

They are currently offering £20 (it will vary in your currency) off your first transfer when you register with Azimo using this link here: Money Off Your First Transfer

If you refer a business owner to Azimo Business using the same link and you’ll receive £75  (you will have had to register and transfer money yourself first). This is why in my opinion this service qualifies as the best international money transfer service right now.

I invite you to check it out and spread the word.

If you have had a positive experience of online international money transfer services, please share below.

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  1. I received email notification last week from Azimo that I had earned £30 from a referral, looking forward to many more like that and they gave a special bonus to my referral. Also, I’ve noticed they have given customers the option to transfer money to themself if they want to, but I haven’t chosen to do so. Apparently, they cater to 190 countries worldwide for personal and business transfer!

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