Social Media for Business Marketing

Did you know that you could build your business on social media? In this blog post I aim to share with you some of the most up-to-date social media strategies, tools and hacks for online success. A lot of businesses make some serious mistakes on social media just because they don’t know or understand what I am about to share in this post.

Social Media for Business Marketing

Let me first explain that it will cost you to learn and apply these strategies shared here as successfully marketing your business for free is an illusion. Free has its place, but not for the business owner who wants a high ROI. So, if your goal is to save time and money, then this will help you immensely. Understand that in order to successfully use social media for business marketing, you need to use it to find, connect with, understand and nurture your sales prospect, customer or client.

This is why you need a website, to begin with, see below for more.

A website is where you send your prospects to with your regular posts to help build a relationship with them.

Other social media platforms are:

  • Twitter – Use Twitter to provide up-to-the-minute breaking news about your business, showcasing your product and services through pictures, videos and informative tweets to gain a following. Hashtags really help get your tweets found by those searching for the keywords used.
  • Pinterest – This is gaining a lot of momentum using videos, GIF and pictures to inform your audience and create inspiration for them.
  • Instagram (IG) – Create a page and create an ad for page engagement once you’ve created content, post regularly using appropriate photos and short 60 second videos. Hashtags really help get your posts found by those searching for the keywords used much like Twitter.
  • Facebook (FB) – Create a page and start posting useful information relating to your topic with links to your website. Posting up to 3 weeks before you create your first ad is ideal so that you’re taken seriously by your audience. Create an ad for page engagement – you can actually create an ad for FB and have it shared on IG also, they show you how as you go through the process.
  • YouTube – Create informative videos on topics that relate to your business and make it as lively as possible to keep your audience interested.

Creating Engagement

The point of regularly posting on social media is to create engagement with your audience as well as awareness and this is what causes the customer to come to a place of feeling like they know you. The regular interaction builds trust and warms them to you and your business.

However, did you know that if you were to place an ad on Facebook for example, did you know there is a unique way to create instant engagement so that you do not lose a sale when a customer clicks on your ad? This is revolutionary and all businesses should be using the messenger feature. However, there is a way to never miss an opportunity to immediately engage with your customer. Remember, great customer service is not limited to, face to face or phone calls only. When you do it right you could use social media for business marketing extremely profitably. Want to know how? Get in touch using the contact email below.

Next Steps

Get a website and get posting regular content on it using the right keywords and share the link on these social media sites. It’s very important you engage by responding to website comments and social media inquiries in a timely fashion. This is a start, but it’s organic. There comes a point in order to reach a much larger audience you will need to pay for advertising.

Oh, one more tip, don’t lose customers like I and some of my clients have done in the past by not securing your site. If your website provider isn’t proving website security, keyword search, website analysis and Google ranking under one low-cost package – run!

If you need help with any of these strategies mentioned above get in touch with me by posting your comment below.

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