Trading For Profit

You might be wondering why a post about trading should appear anywhere on this website and it is because with all the expenses of running a business from home or being self-employed with an office and or staff, you need funding.

Although no one ever enters a trade to lose on purpose, it must be said majority of people who trade the markets lose big time! Infact, statistics say more than 90% of people who trade lose all or majority of their money. However, the situation isn’t hopeless as, I’m in the 4% that don’t lose majority of their money and want to help those willing to learn, learn how they can do this also…

My Trading Story

First, you do need to know my trading story, so I’ve taken this information from my Facebook page to share it with you here:

I started trading in 2007 buying one home course after another and attending various trading seminars. I can tell you I have lost a lot of money trading over the years due to ignorance and mismanagement of my trading account. However, I never gave up learning how to trade, when to trade and what to trade. Originally, I hated charts as I couldn’t understand them, I didn’t know what a trend was and knew nothing about indicators. I was eager for the quick money and fell victim to day trading, options and high volatility trade losses, but never gave up learning and implementing what I’d learnt.

Now, I pride myself on my knowledge of trends, being able to read a chart at a glance and properly managing my money. I’m at the place now where I’m ready to share my experience and teach others how to trade or just follow my trades. By all means educate yourself first, then I hope you will allow me be you guide and companion to wealth created through trading the markets.

Trading For Profit

Those of us who trade individually are referred to by banks and corporations as retail traders and it’s retail traders who have fallen foul to trade losses. However, it is my desire to help change that through education. Trading successfully would entail that a trader learns the technique and strategy required for trading for profit. It entails knowing what to trade and when to trade whether you chose to trade:-

  • Stocks,
  • Forex,
  • Energies,
  • Indices,
  • Bonds,
  • Equities,
  • Cryptocurrencies, or
  • Metals.

Trading for profit also entails, namely:-

  • Having the right mindset;
  • Being able to manage you trading account;
  • Understanding and applying the principle of letting your profits ride and cutting your losses;
  • Knowing the right platform to trade from;
  • Not being an emotion driven trader and so much more…


Being a retail trader of several years and having the experience I have, having learnt from my mistakes and built upon my successes I collated information over the years in one easy to read guide to trading. I call it, Forex Trading Made Easy and whatever you chose to trade, this guide will save you from the losses so many retail traders make and give you the tools required to succeed like the 4% who do.

A book like this would have saved me a lot of time and money when I first started out and will do the same for anyone who applies the information contained within it’s pages. Click on the button below to obtain your copy.

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Disclaimer: Trading the market is not to be entered lightly, 
but with careful thought, experience and guidance. The information 
provided here is not to be construed as financial advice, should you
require it, seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor - 
preferably one who has successful experience trading the markets. 
I merely share insights from my praticial experience and what I have 
found works based on this. You must never trade with money you 
cannot afford to lose.

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